Choosing Alaska Pink Shrimp for Its Superior Taste, Health Benefits and Environmental Impact

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Alaska pink shrimp is a versatile, delicious meal option, enabling the cook to choose between a variety of ways to prepare the shellfish. You can serve the shrimp with cocktail sauce, you can skewer and grill the shrimp, you can spruce up your pasta or soup, or you can even stick it in a sandwich. In whatever fashion you wish to prepare and serve this delectable seafood treat, you will be sure to receive awe-inspiring reviews on this tasty, healthy meal option. Moreover, in addition to its taste, Alaska pink shrimp has a number of health benefits and the practices in which Alaska seafood implements in fishing for this shellfish are sustainable and minimized the detrimental impacts on the environment.

The health benefits of seafood, and especially shrimp, are numerous. Not only does it serve as a great alternative that is both healthy and delicious to red meat, it provides the consumer with many essential vitamins, including A, E, D, and C among other vital minerals such as zinc, iron, and calcium. Seafood is often lauded as a great meat alternative because it promotes a stronger immune system and reduces heart problems. It reduces clogging of the circulatory system and arteries, and thereby, reduces cardiac arrest problems. For those who have heart problems and are consuming an excessive amount of beef or even pork, substituting seafood, and in particular Alaska pink shrimp, for beef can be a great way to reduce those problems in the future. And while seafood is a healthier option, it does not forgo on the taste either.

In addition to its exquisite taste and lauded health benefits, you can add another advantage to consuming Alaska pink shrimp. The method with which Alaska seafood obtains its shellfish and fish preaches sustainability as its central tenet. It seeks to catch only wild fish and shellfish so that it is fresh. They seek to ensure that the fishing practices do not destroy the surrounding eco-systems so that future generations are also able to enjoy the same delicious and healthy Alaska pink shrimp that today’s generation is able to enjoy. The regulation and enforcement of certain fishing standards is implemented to ensure that this model of sustainability keeps the amount of shellfish and fish in the Alaskan waters sufficient. Thus, by consuming Alaska pink shrimp, you are not only getting the great taste and health benefits, you will get the pleasures of knowing that you are not contributing to an industry that is depleting the world’s resources at an unsustainable rate. Moreover, you will not be contributing to an industry that does not care about the environment.


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